Eva Birzniece

Expert and researcher

Eva Birzniece is the founder and director of the NGO Pro Futuro which started advocacy for students with dyslexia in Latvia in 2004 and which later became Latvian Dyslexia Association. Eva holds her doctoral degree in philology (literary science) but her parallel interest as a teacher of English has been reading and writing acquisition and difficulties some students face with these academic skills both in their native and foreign languages. Eva has educated herself in dyslexia by studying the literature of the field and attending numerous conferences, and by being a Global partner of IDA.

Eva was the first to introduce Western/evidence-based understanding of dyslexia in Latvia and has achieved introduction and provision of accommodation for students with dyslexia in the regulations of education in the country. She is author and co-author of several books about dyslexia and evidence-based remediation and accommodation including use of ICT.

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